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Ep000: Grace and the Feedback (Trailer)

Thanks for checking out the trailer episode for Hindsight and the Ripple!

Today, we're introducing our host and producer, Grace Fuisz, and the experiences that brought this show to life -- specifically, being a not-so-successful musical theater kid and being put on tech crew for a production of "Next to Normal" (great show - go check it out). This little rejection laid the groundwork for pursuing audio in the future, setting off a series of fortunate events that led to abandoning graduate school and becoming a freelance podcast producer.

If you’re feeling stuck, staring down the tunnels in front of you with panic, this show is for you-- to shine a little bit of light on the cool places people end up when they trust their intuition and ride that ripple to greatness. If you want to be on the show, send me a note at, and check us out at

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