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Podcast Services

No matter where you're at in the process of creating your podcast, we're here to help! 

We provide freelance podcast production, specializing in audio storytelling and narrative podcasts. 

Podcast planning

Taking your podcast from idea to reality -- choosing topics, identifying guests and common threads to give your show consistency. Setting your show up for distribution and a successful launch. This does not include production support. 


Standard podcast editing is all about making you sound how you think you sound. We remove the distracting things and keep the human things to help your listeners stay engaged. Standard editing does not include content edits like moving around sections of the interview for a better story flow. 


The whole shebang. Full production support takes all of the lifting out of your hands -- all you need to do is communicate your goals and show up to record. Services include interview prep, research, scheduling, recording, standard editing, content editing, and distribution (including copy). 


For specific questions, comments, concerns, and on-demand problem solving for your project, contact me at

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