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We make podcasts and super cozy live sessions. Our goal is to produce authentic and vulnerable content, bringing you ever-closer to your listeners.


My background in analyzing dialogue comes in handy as a podcast editor, following the flow and cadence of speech to make the cleanest possible edits. As a musician and a creative, as well, I thrive in big picture thinking and adore the process of taking a show from idea to reality. 

I have a soft spot for heart-tugging, vulnerable, narrative non-fiction podcasts, and super-casual live sessions that dial in on songwriting and lyricism. Hit me up if you have a story you want to tell or some songs you want to share. 


The Long Version

Hey, I'm Daylily Media's Founder and Executive Producer, Grace Fuisz and I've been an audio engineer and producer for six glorious years.

I started out in college radio production and learning the basics of audio signal flow by maintaining radio equipment and problem solving when equipment mysteriously broke (90% of the time someone had kicked a cable loose under the control desk).


I graduated from Kenyon College with a Psychology degree focusing in Media Psychology and Social Psychology, after working in a video game lab and completing my honors thesis. Fascinated by the psychology of language and communication, I nearly went to a graduate program to keep studying, but spun a 180 instead and hopped over to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in audio. 



"As a podcast host, it can be nerve-wracking putting the quality of your show into someone else's hands. But working with Grace eradicated those nerves for me. Grace was always super professional - she was on time, produced great work, and was easy to communicate with. She also was a fan of my show so she was able to edit the podcast coming from a listener's perspective!"

—  Nick Carrier, Nick Carrier's Best You

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